GameBird Launch Event

Last week we have launched Pakistan’s first gaming brand GameBird. Gamebird will provide a platform for game developers to reach out to the local market without having to worry about the marketing budget for their game and gamers to engage in competitive gaming. Gamebird wil be the first game store of Pakistan to offer in app purchases through Direct Carrier Billing. The launch event of Gamebird was a huge success. Speakers like Dr Umar Saif, Sadia Bashira, Raheel Iqbal, Fawad Asghar, Faizan Iftikhar and Ahmed Nawaz participated and talked about the gamers community and encouraged game developers to focus on quality rather than quantity.

  1. Anonymous_Titan

    Wow! I am surprised that an event of this sort is happening in Pakistan. It would have been cool if the publicity and the marketing of the event was a bit more approaching, as i just got to know about the event today. Also it would had been great if the event was happening outside Ramadan.
    Cheers anyway!

  2. Taimoor Baig


  3. Sameerusman

    Now Pakistan is on its way to progress more better…

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