GameFest 2018-19

This January 2019, Lahore was home to the grand finale of Pakistan’s largest Esports tournaments to date; Gamefest. The tournament which was organized by Gamebird, took Esports in Pakistan to a whole new level. For the first time a gaming event endeavored to bring competitive gaming on two biggest platforms: PC & Mobile into the mainstream.


The registration for Gamefest were kicked off in November 2018. Within days, thousands of entries started pouring in from all over Pakistan. By the end of the registration period, Gamebird had received almost 24,000 entries!


The Pakistani gaming community had been waiting exactly for just such an event and with good reason too. No gaming tournament in Pakistan had ever offered so much to the gaming community. An unprecedented seven games across the 3 platforms were included in the tournament. These included some of the most iconic games out there today; PUBG, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, CS:GO, Clash Royale, DOTA2 & Asphalt9. A massive prize pool of PKR 5 million was announced, which is by far the largest prize pool ever for a Pakistani Gaming Tournament.


The first leg of the tournament consisted of online matches to be played by gamers across all of Pakistan to qualify for the off-line city qualifiers. The online qualifiers went on for around 2 months and saw top gamers from all over the country battle it out on Gamebird’s platform. With matches from all categories being live streamed onto Gamebird’s Facebook and YouTube channels, massive interest started to build around the tournament.


The city qualifiers were held in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. Qualifying teams and individuals faced off in high tech gaming arenas specially set up by Gamebird in each of these cities. The winners from each city were then invited to Lahore with all expenses paid for the grand finale.


The grand finale was a 3-day event held at the iconic Al-hamrah Open Air Theater. The classical open-air theater was transformed into a futuristic gaming arena. Massive SMD screens were set up to broadcast the gaming contests to the audiences along with custom built booths for the participating gamers. The entire arena was branded in Gamebird colors and entrancing visuals from the games being played at the event.


Apart from the gaming contests the grand finale also included numerous side attractions. These included live concerts by SomeWhatSuper and Kashmir-the band, stalls by some of the leading digital product / service providers in the country. The event was more of a festival with a little bit of something for everyone.


Gamefest was in many ways a true manifestation of Gamebird’s vision of providing Pakistani gamers an overarching brand for all things gaming. The Pakistani gamers have been left marginalized for long enough. It is about time they get a proper platform to express their talents and pursue gaming professionally just as it is done all over the world. By including Mobile gaming in addition to PC, Gamebird has in many ways, formally introduced professional competitive gaming to Pakistan for the first time with this tournament.


With Gamebird taking a lead, the outlook for gaming in Pakistan is now brighter than ever. By organizing this sort of events Gamebird eventually aims to bring Pakistani gaming talent to the global stage. If anything, these tournaments and events are a testament to amount of top-notch gaming talent present in Pakistan. Gamebird aims to continue its journey and to organize even grander gaming events in the future. Let’s join in bringing about the much-needed gaming revolution in Pakistan.


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