LAN CLAN 2O18 Aftermath

We heard your cries of “PC tournaments! PC tournaments!” all across our journey to where we stand now. Gamebird came around without showing its high ambitions in the very beginning. All we showed you was an Asphalt eight tournament, and a few conferences here and there. That was us dipping our toes in the pond to test the temperature.

The water was perfect.

And so we decided, it was time to get really, really, really wet. We set on a journey to Lahore, trying to pick up the finest that Pakistani esports had to offer. It was going to be epic. Eight teams, two games, and one hell of an arena to showcase them in Lahore. It was a recipe to reach the stars, but ended up being a bit of a recipe for disaster for us too.

Across the initial forty-odd days, we held the online qualifiers. Teams battled it out to be amongst the elite few who could enjoy the luxury of playing in the best arena Pakistan had had to offer in years. At the end of it all, we came down to a bare few to each play in their respective city qualifiers. With scrapes and bruises, emerged Eximious Gold, Eximious Green, Team Politicians and Portal Esports for DOTA.

You might find it odd to see two of Eximious’ brands, but Portal took it two steps further. With two more of their teams qualifying for CS:GO, their only unbranded rivals were Sick5 and Team Beastly.

Here, we faltered. We were caught off guard by the many complexities of trying to bring about the biggest and baddest event of all; we flew too high and burnt our wings. However, the players were undoubtedly our saviors. In the middle of many of our mistakes at the final event, the games raged on, with two teams in their respective games dominating and looking untouchable, Portal Esports in CSGO and Eximious Gold in DOTA.

There wasn’t a chance for anyone else to hold a candle to them. They lit up the show with epic plays and were victorious. Honestly, we were a little bit disappointed with how near-godlike they seemed to be.

However, we know there were people disappointed in us. Yet, we have also learnt where we can go above and beyond next time. After hiring a few new people who approached us as veterans of the industry, we’re going to consult with some of the biggest players in the esports industry in the world.

We are here to stay. This is Gamebird, and we will bring you everything and more of what you deserve.

  1. Arsalan

    Dear Game Bird Team,

    My Name is Arsalan Naeem, I live in Islamabad, I want to attend the finalize of Game Bird Game Fest 2018 as an Audience
    Please share the Time/Date and location of the Finalize
    Please also share the procedure to join this event as an audience, ticket fee etc.

    Looking forward for you response 

    Thanks and Regards
    Arsalan Naeem

  2. Dilawar

    I want join the tournament

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