QuizWiz is a fun quiz App developed by Gamebird. You can participate for free and win cash prizes daily by giving the correct answers. Terms and Conditions apply.


Before using the QuizWiz Application (the “App”) and the services, content, features or applications offered by Gamebird.pk  in connection with the App (“Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) (together with the App, the “Services”), please read these Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”) along with the QuizWiz Privacy Policy and the QuizWiz official rules. Your use of the App and the Services is legally binding with the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use.

Acceptance of Terms of Use:

You agree to the Terms of Use and the policies and procedures, including operating/financial rules for signing up installing and using the App in the prescribed manner.

You agree to the Terms of Use and any updates that may be published from time to time which may be published without any prior notice.

You agree to the additional terms and conditions that may be published from time to time for the usage of Services offered through the App by us. These additional terms and conditions are also incorporated with existing Terms of Use including QuizWiz Official Rules.

The Terms of Use are applied to all the users who are registered or any otherwise or providers of information, any content and other materials or services. Any dispute between you and QuizWiz shall be resolved by individual arbitration. As a user of the App you agree to waive off your rights to participate in any class action lawsuit or class-wide arbitration.

Eligibility to Participate:

You may participate in the Contest by registering, installing and/or using the App You undertake that you are not under age and are of the legal age in Pakistan. It is our sole right to change the eligibility criteria at any time without any prior notice,  we reserve the right to refuse  the use of Service to any individual or entity.. We also reserve the right to revoke your right to access the Services if these Terms of Use are prohibited or in conflict with any rules or regulations and  applicable law,,

All employees of Telenor Pakistan Pvt. Ltd and We.R.Play studios are not eligible to participate in any Contest/Game.

How to Participate:

If you fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned herein-above, you may participate in the Contest, subject to these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with the following process:

  • In order to participate in the content/game, you must download and install the app from respective iTunes or Google Play store on your mobile device.
  • Thereafter, get register through your Phone Verification process through SMS and submit your username to QuizWiz.
  • The date and timing when the contest will be open to the participants will be announced prior to the show through in-app Push Notifications.
  • If you answer all questions correctly, you shall rank among the winners of the Contest/Game. Mere participation in the Contest/Game will not entitle you to win the Prize Money.
  • QuizWiz reserves the right to disqualify you (during or after the Contest/Game), if you are found or are suspected to have failed to abide by and/or are in breach of the Terms and Condition or Terms of Use.
  • In order to cash-out awards you will be required to set-up and link m-wallet account to QuizWiz app as specified by app.

To use our Services, we may ask you for registration for an account directly or via third party account like Facebook, Twitter, Google account or any other authentication mechanism. You are required to provide us with complete, correct and updated account information. You shall: (i) select or use a unique username which is not intended to impersonate any other person; (ii) select or use a unique username that is not in violation with any rights of another person without getting appropriate authorization; (iii) select or use a decent username which is not vulgar, offensive or obscene. It is your sole responsibility to keep your Account password secure and any suspicious activity occurs on your account is also your responsibility. You will never use another person’s user Account or registration information without appropriate authorization. In case of any change in your eligibility to use the Services you are required to notify us immediately. You should never discuss or publish or share your login information for your Account. You can delete your Account directly or through request made to one of our authorized affiliates or employees.


Definition of Content: The term “Content” used in these Terms of Use includes, without limitation, appropriate graphics, licensed softwares, scripts, comments, live and recorded videos, written and shared posts, accessible data, correct information, written or published text, images and photographs, audio clips and any information published or made accessible on or through the services. All “User Content” (as explained below) is also included in term “Content”.

All User Content: Any user originating, adding, creating, submitting, uploading, posting or distributing to the services whether publicly posting or privately transmitting, is solely responsible for such User Content. It is also the responsibility of user, providing such User Content, to make sure the information he/she is providing is complete, up to date, accurate and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. The ownership of all User Content created and/or uploaded by you remains with you. The user bears complete responsibility and any associated risk for all content, including User Content, accessed by him/her using the Services and for damage or loss caused by such User Content. We do not bear any responsibility for the accuracy/inaccuracy of any content or information accessed on or through the Services.

Disclaimers, Notices and Restrictions: The App may contain Content solely provided by us, our users or our partners and such Content is protected by trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, service marks or any other proprietary rights and laws. All information, restrictions, and copyright notices contained in any Content accessed through the Services must be abided by you.

Use License: For the purpose of using the Services, each user of the Services is granted a worldwide, non transferable, non-exclusive and non sub licensable license to use Content. Without having prior written permission or appropriate authorization from us, nobody is allowed to use, modification, storage, reproduction or distribution of any Content. Nobody is allowed to use any Content offered through or on the Services for commercial selling, renting or licensing purpose.

License Grant: QuizWiz reserves the right to edit, use, distributes, modify, truncate, prepare, manipulate, reproduce and aggregate User Content submitted through the Services. QuizWiz also keeps the full right of User Content to use as a worldwide, perpetual, fully paid, royalty free, non-exclusive transferable and sub licensable content. QuizWiz also keeps the right to fully exploit the User Content submitted through the Services in form of performance, display and any otherwise. The User Content submitted by the user includes user’s name, voice, likeness, videos, or photograph and user is agrees and acknowledges to the “Terms of Use” and “Licensing Agreement” of QuizWiz. The user also grants right to other users of the App and/or the Services to access your user content, and to edit, modify, use, distribute, prepare derivative works of, reproduce, perform and display such User Content. This right can be exercised even after the termination of your Account or the Services. However, the user’s other ownership or license rights are not affected by the license grants to us. It is user’s responsibility to make sure that the rights and/or license grants to us does not violate or is in conflict with any other third party rights, including without limitation, publicity rights, copyrights, any privacy rights, contract rights, or any other intellectual property rights, trademarks or proprietary rights.

Content Availability: QuizWiz reserves the right to make any content available on the App or through the Services. It is the sole discretion of QuizWiz not to display, edit or modify, remove or block any content without prior notice to users for any reason.

Laws of Conduct: The user of the App or the Services is sole responsible for his/her activities when using the Services. The user is also prohibited to use the Services for any purpose that violates the Terms of Use. The user is strictly prohibited to take any action, post, upload, download, submit or otherwise distribute any content that:

Violates any law or contractual duty, trademark, copyright, patent, right of publicity, trade secret or other rights of any other person or entity (see the Copyright Policy below).

User knows is untruthful, unlawful, false, abusive, defamatory, misleading, threatening, inaccurate, libelous, tortious, harassing, obscene, deceptive, offensive, invasive of another’s privacy, vulgar, fraudulent, profane, contains or depicts sexual activity, pornographic, contains or depicts nudity, or is otherwise inappropriate as determined by QuizWiz in the sole discretion.

Contains software viruses or any other computer files, programs, or codes that are designed or intended to damage, limit, interfere or disrupt with the proper function of any hardware, telecommunications equipment or software or obtain or damage unauthorized access to any data, password, system or other information of QuizWiz or of any third party. Also constitutes junk or bulk email, unauthorized or unsolicited advertising.

Pretends to be any person or entity including QuizWiz Team or anyone’s identification, sensitive Information (financial or any other) or documents.

The user shall not impose large load on infrastructure of QuizWiz by running any form of auto-responder, unreasonable interfere with the smooth working of the Services. The user shall not try to deceive us by running manual or automated software, devices or any activities that can bypass or disturb proper working of the Services. QuizWiz reserves the right to restrict access to the Services of such attempts that can harm or stop proper working of the Services.

The user shall not use any unfair means (reverse engineering, attempt to derive any underlying ideas or source code or algorithms of any part, decipher, disassemble or decompile of the Services including without limitation of any application) to disrupt the proper functioning of the Services.

QuizWiz also reserves the right to publish or disclose any information that seems to be necessary for the satisfaction of any legal process, applicable laws, government request, regulation, enforce these Terms of Use. QuizWiz also reserves the right to detect, prevent and address any fraud, technical or security issues for the protection of QuizWiz, QuizWiz users and the public. QuizWiz also reserve the right to respond QuizWiz user support requests.

Third Party Services: The user may be permitted to link to or otherwise access other services, websites or resources on his/her device and the internet, and other services, website or resources through The App or the Services. QuizWiz shall not be responsible or liable for the functions, legality, content, appropriateness, accuracy or any other aspect of such websites or resources since these websites or resources are not under control of QuizWiz. These links, websites or resources are not endorsed by QuizWiz. Any direct or indirect loss or damage caused by such goods, content or services available on or through any such link, website or resource is sole responsibility of the user and QuizWiz is not responsible or liable for such loss or damage.

Services based on Location: Some services based on location may also offered to some specific users. The use of such services based on location is sole responsibility of user and user may turn off those features of services based on location. By using these services based on location, you grant QuizWiz the right to disseminate or collect your location information through the services. QuizWiz is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused by disseminating your location information through the Services.

In App Purchases: In order to experience the enhanced performance of the Services, you may purchase (“In App Purchase”) certain goods through the App. These goods are purchased through either Apple iTunes service or the Google Play service and every user of QuizWiz services is agreed to their respective terms and conditions (http://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/us/terms.htmlhttp://play.google.com/intl/en_us/about/play-terms.html) and we are not a party to any In App Purchase.

Termination: Your access to all or any part of services at any time can be terminated, with or without notice, with or without cause, effective immediately and your information associated with the Services may also be destroyed and forfeit. You may also terminate your account by following the instructions on the App or through the Services and removing the App from your device.

Disclaimer of Warranty: No fiduciary duty or special relationship exists between QuizWiz and user of the Services. The user of the Services of QuizWiz  agrees that QuizWiz has no duty to take any action regarding:

  • What content is accessed by the user through the Services.
  • How does user interpret or uses the content.
  • Which users gain access to the services.

QuizWiz is released from all liabilities for user having acquired or not acquired Content through the Services. Any Content contained in or accessed through the Services is sole responsibility of the user and QuizWiz is not responsible or liable for the copyright compliance, accuracy or legality of material.

The Company and its employees are not responsible for views and opinions expressed by hosts of QuizWiz, since these views and opinions are their own.

QuizWiz is providing the Services and Content “AS IS”, “AS AVAILABLE” and without any expressed or implied warranty. The Services and Content provided by QuizWiz is also without implied warranties of title, fitness and merchantability for a particular purpose, non infringement, and also includes any warranties implied by usage of trade or any course of performance. QuizWiz and the directors, employees, suppliers, partners, content providers and agents assume no warranty for the security or availability of our Services at any particular time or location. QuizWiz do not warrant any correction or fixation of defects, errors, software, any content, viruses or any other harmful components available at or through the Services. The usage of the Services is solely at user’s own risk and we do not warrant that the results of using the Services will meet user’s requirements.

Rules of Indemnity: We (QuizWiz and our affiliates and each of our and their respective employees, directors, suppliers, contractors and representative) shall be defended and indemnified from all liabilities, expenses, and claims, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, that can  arise from or relate to user’s use or misuse of, or access to, Content, the Services, or otherwise from User Content. We shall also be defended and indemnified from all liabilities, expenses, and claims, including reasonable attorneys’ fees that can be arised from violation of our Terms of Use, or infringement by user, or any third party using user’s Account or identity in the Services, of any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity. In case of any indemnification our user of the Services will assist and cooperate with us in asserting any available defenses and QuizWiz reserves the right of exclusive defense and control of any matter subject to such indemnification proceedings.

Limitation of Liability: We (QuizWiz, and our directors, employees, partners, content providers, suppliers or agents), in no event, are assumed no liability under contract, strict liability, negligence, tort or any other legal or equitable theory with respect to the Services. We assume no liability, under any circumstances, regarding any lost profits, cost of procurement of substitute goods or services, indirect, data loss, punitive, consequential, incidental or compensatory damages of any kind whatsoever. We also assume no liability, under any circumstances, regarding any viruses, Trojan Horses, bugs, or the like regardless of the source of origination. We assume no liability to pay any amount which is less than minimum withdrawal limit as described in our rules.


Arbitration: You are giving your free consent that any disputes between Us and You shall be settled by binding, individual arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1940 for arbitration of consumer related disputes. The disputes involving third party or with regard to your relationship with us, including without limitation disputes related to these Terms of Use, your use of the services, and/or rights of privacy and/or publicity shall also be settled through the same process as described above. In case of violation or threatened to violate our Intellectual Property Rights, we reserve the right to seek justice or any other appropriate relief in any provincial or federal court of Pakistan Claims may be brought by only you on your own behalf. This agreement to arbitrate does not allow us and you to participate in a class action or class wide arbitration for any claims covered by this agreement to arbitrate. Your right to participate as a class representative or class member on any class claim you may have against us including any right to class arbitration or any consolidation of individual arbitration is given up by you r

Governing Law and Jurisdiction: The laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan shall govern and construe our Terms of Use. You and Us are agreeing that the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Pakistan shall govern any dispute arising from or relating to the subject matter of these Terms of Use.

Modification: Modification or replacement of any of these Terms of Use, or suspend, change, or discontinue the Services (including without limitation, the availability of any database, content, or features) at any time is our sole discretion. For this purpose, we reserve the right to notify you about such modifications by using appropriate means of electronic communication or by posting the notice on the App or by sending you notice through the Services or via e-mail. It is also our sole discretion to restrict your access to parts or all of the Services or to impose limits on your access to certain features and services with or without prior notice. It is your responsibility to check modifications, if any, to our Terms of Use periodically. If you continue using our services even after the notification of any changes to these Terms of Use, we will be under impression that you have accepted all those changes that will apply on these Terms of Use until further notice. The Terms of Use in effect at the time of your use of the Services shall be applied immediately on your use of the Services.

  • Applicable law: Except as otherwise prohibited by local law, you agree that the laws of Pakistan will govern the QuizWiz T&Cs and your access to and use of QuizWiz.
  • Apple Device and Application Terms:The following rules shall apply when accessing our Services via an application on a device provided by Apple, Inc. (“Apple”) or an application obtained through the Apple App Store (in either case, an “Application”):
  • Apple is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for these Terms of Use between you and the Company (“QuizWiz”) and both of you are responsible for your relationship.
  • You are not allowed to use Application for commercial purpose and should solely be used in connection with the Services for your personal and private use. You are licensed to use this Application on a limited, non-transferable, non sub licensable, non-exclusive basis. Your use of the application is subject to all the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use as they are applicable to the Services.
  • The use of the Application must be on such Apple device that you own or control.
  • You acknowledge that any maintenance or support services with respect to the use of the Application is not an obligation or liability of Apple.
  • Apple’s sole responsibility, regarding applicable warranty obligation is to refund to you the purchase price, if any, of the Application in case of failure of the Application.
  • Apple is not responsible for any claims you or any third party may have in relation to the use of the Application.
  • You agree and acknowledge that Apple is not responsible for any third party claims regarding copyright infringement or third party’s intellectual property rights while using the Application. The investigation, settlement, discharge and defence of any such infringement claim is sole responsibility of the Company, and not of Apple.
  • You acknowledge and warrant that you are living in a country that has not been;
    • Designated as a “Terrorist Supporting” country by government of Pakistan
    • Listed on any list of restricted or prohibited parties by government of Pakistan
  • It is the responsibility of both you and the Company to make sure that the use of the Application does not violate any applicable third party terms of agreement which may affect or be affected by such use.
  • As a third party beneficiaries of these terms, Apple and Apple subsidiaries reserve the right to enforce these terms against you as the third party beneficiary once these terms are accepted by you.


  • Entire Agreement and Severability:Our Terms of Use supersede all previous or current communications and proposals, whether oral, written or electronic, and are treated as entire agreement between you and us with respect to the Services, including use of the App. Only that provision of our Terms of Use shall be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent that is found to be invalid or unenforceable, however, rest of Terms of Use will remain in full force and effect and enforceable. If either of the parties fails to exercise any right in any respect provided for herein, the party shall not be deprived of exercising any further rights hereunder.
  • Force Majeure:Any failure of obligatory performance by us arising from unforeseen conditions, causes beyond our reasonable control including, without limitation,  natural distaster, mechanical, electronic or communications failure or degradation shall not make us liable to you.
  • Assignment:You acknowledge that you shall not assign, transfer or sublicense these Terms of Use without our prior written permission. Our rights and obligations hereunder may be assigned, transferred or delegated without consent.
  • Agency: These Terms of Use shall not create any partnership, joint venture, agency, or employment relationship.
  • Notices:We will sent written notices under these Terms of Use unless otherwise specified. The notices will be deemed to have been duly given when; personally received, electronically confirmed through e-mail or fax. Electronic notices should be sent to info@gamebird.pk
  • No Waiver: If we fail to enforce any part of these Terms of Use, our right to enforce that or any other part of these Terms of Use shall not constitute a waiver of our right. If we intentionally waive compliance in any particular instance then this does not mean that we will waive compliance in the future. In order to exercise any waiver of compliance with these Terms of Use to be binding, our authorized representatives shall provide you with written notice of any waiver of compliance with these Terms of Use.
  • Headings:The interpretation of section and paragraph headings in the Terms of Use shall not be affected and are for convenience only.
  • Relationships: Apple or it’s subsidiaries or affiliates have no endorsed, sponsored administered, or associated with the App.
  • Contact:Queries, comments, feedback or complaints can be sent to us at info@gamebird.pk

These Terms of Service were last updated on 18th April 2019.


Privacy Statement

Your privacy matters to us. QuizWiz adheres to applicable privacy laws and is committed to protecting your privacy to provide a secure user experience. This Privacy Statement describes how we use your personal information, and how you may protect your privacy. In addition to this Privacy Statement, more specific provisions on privacy may follow from any service specific terms entered into by you when using or purchasing our services (“Service Specific Terms”).


Personal information that we collect

When you use QuizWiz services (the “Service”), we may collect, use, store, disclose and transfer (collectively referred to as “use”) personal information about you. QuizWiz may collect a variety of information that may be linked to you as an individual, including information you give us when registering with the Service (such as name, email address, address, phone number, date of birth, gender); information that we get from your use of our Service or websites (such as IP address, hardware model and settings, operating system, browser type, network information, web beacons/ pixeltags, cookies, and details of when, where and how you used the Service);

information about our communication with you (such as customer support requests and feedback from you);

information that we get from your payments (such as payment card number, amounts, and date and time of the payment);

Information on geographical location we receive when you use location based services provided by us and have consented to sharing such information with us;

Information we receive subject to your consent and/or applicable law when we link our service with the services of third parties, such as integration with social networks;

Information we collect from third parties subject to your consent and/or applicable law;

The types of information we collect about you depend on which parts of the Service you use or subscribe to.


How we use your personal information

QuizWiz uses your personal information to provide, improve and promote our Services. In particular, we may use your personal information to:

Communicate with you, including to send you notices about purchases and about errors in the Service, and to respond to your queries and feedback;

Keep you posted on new services and upcoming events, provided that you have not opted out of receiving such communications;

Adjust the offer of the Service according to your age or other preferences, including parental control;

Provide you with an overview of which parts of the Service you are currently using and have been using;

Ensure network integrity and avoid security breach;

Investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities and violations of our Terms or applicable law; and improve the relevance of QuizWiz and our communication and promotion to you (including to offer you tailored content by giving you relevant recommendations, search results and ads), such as by analyzing the content and service that you use and like and by creating customer profiles (categories of customers depending on e.g. use of the Services, age and location).

We may also use aggregated, non-identifiable information for any internal and external purpose, in particular to improve the overall quality of the Service.


How we use cookies

We may use cookies (small text files stored in your browser used e.g. to recognize you and to remember your previous activities) and other similar techniques, such as web beacons/pixel tags (small, clear picture files used e.g. to track activity on the app), to collect information about how you use the Websites (where applicable) and the Service. This allows us to customize the Website and apps (where applicable) for you so that it is relevant to your interests and needs. You may choose to opt out of our use of cookies by amending your browser settings.


How we use analytics tools

To improve the Service and its relevance to you, we use third parties to analyze and process aggregated data collected through the use of the Service. The analytics tool is widely used for statistics services by most Internet based service providers and generates detailed statistics about traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales.

The data collected through the use of or Services is processed in an anonymous format (i.e information is not able to link the information to you) before returned to us..


How we may share your personal information

QuizWiz may share your information in the way mentioned below or as otherwise mandated by your specific consent and/or applicable laws. We may share information with our affiliates companies within the Telenor Group (“Affiliated Companies”) and use it consistent with this Privacy Statement. We and our affiliates companies within the Telenor Group may also combine the information we receive from you with other information to provide and improve our products and services, content and advertising, or even to develop new services. In this way we make sure that your user experience is seamless and that may enjoy the full benefit of what the Telenor Group has to offer;

We may share information with third parties that perform services on our behalf to the extent required for their provision of such services.

We may share information to partners and other third parties that provide services that you have chosen to link with our Service (such as social networks), including to post information on such third party sites. Note that information you share on a forum chat room or social network may be visible to other individuals and may be read, copied and otherwise used by them. You are the sole responsible for sharing your personal data in this way and should take the necessary precautions to avoid unwanted use of the information you share.

We may share information with third parties to improve their own services, however only to the extent that you have been informed specifically thereof and given your consent thereto.

We may share information with third parties if reasonably necessary to comply with applicable law or governmental request, and to detect, prevent and enforce unauthorized use of the Service.

We may also share aggregated, non-identifiable information to third parties for any internal and external purpose.

We do not sell your personal information to third parties. Further, unless otherwise explicitly stated herein or in the Service Specific Terms we do not share your personal information to third parties for their own purposes. Personal information will only be shared by us to provide or improve our Affiliated Companies’ or our own products, services and advertising. We will not share your information with parties other than Affiliated Companies for their own marketing purposes.

Third parties who receive personal information from TSEAI will be obliged to protect your privacy, including to treating your personal information in accordance with applicable law and with an adequate level of data security.

QuizWiz may transfer personal information to other countries where applicable laws do not necessarily provide the same level of data protection as in your own country. QuizWiz will ensure that the recipients of personal data in such countries maintain an adequate level of information security.

If QuizWiz becomes involved in an acquisition or merger, your privacy will continue to be protected, and to the extent required we will give you notice before your personal information is transferred to a third party or becomes subject to another privacy statement.


How we secure your personal information

QuizWiz has implemented technical, physical and organizational measures designed to secure your personal information from accidental loss, unauthorized access, misuse, alteration or disclosure. We employ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all pages and app where personal information is collected. In this way the confidentiality of your personal information is protected while it is transmitted over the Internet.

You are responsible for ensuring that your personal account information (username and password) where applicable remains confidential. Reference is made to our General Terms


How we store and delete your personal information

QuizWiz will only store your personal information while you are a customer or user of our Service, or so long as required for business, tax or legal purposes. Basic information about you and your subscription to our Service will in any event be stored for up to 2 years to enable you to re-access your subscriptions and to receive relevant information and offers from us.


How you may access, rectify and delete your personal information

You can contribute to that your contact details and settings are correct and updated by logging into your personal account on the Website (where applicable) or otherwise by contacting us.

We will do our best to provide you with the relevant information in order for you to evaluate whether some of the information we process concerning you should be corrected or deleted according to applicable laws. We reserve the right to refuse to accommodate your request if they are unreasonable due to their repetitiveness, jeopardize the privacy of other users, threaten our security measures, will incur unreasonable effort on us, or are contrary to applicable laws.


Information about children

QuizWiz will not intentionally collect personal information from children under the age of 13. This is one of the reasons you should not hand over your password to any other user. If we become aware that we have collected information about children under the age of 13, we will take steps to delete the information as soon as possible, provided that our further retention is not required by law.



We may update or otherwise amend our Privacy Statement from time to time in our own discretion, for instance to reflect changes to the Services or changes to the law.

We will publish any amended Privacy Statement on the Website (where applicable) or otherwise notify you in an appropriate manner. Material changes will be notified more prominently to you. If you do not consent to the changes you are entitled to terminate your agreement with us with the effect from the date the new provisions enter into force. The amendments will enter into force when published on the Website (where applicable) or otherwise notified to you in an appropriate manner. Your continued use of the Service after such publication or notification shall be considered as an acceptance of the amended Privacy Statement.

Contact us

We will be happy to assist you with any questions you have in regards to your personal information contained by us. Please contact customer service at info@gamebird.pk

This Privacy Statement was last updated on 18th April 2019.

Thank you for reading QuizWiz Privacy Notice


For business queries and support email us at info@gamebird.pk

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